Safety Measures for Hiring a FixlersPro!

by Jessica Jones

Jan 20, 2023 3 minute read

Safety Measures for Hiring a FixlersPro!

Fixlers is a platform for ordering much needed services for your home, office, and vehicle. And FixlerPros are the professionals that take care of your entire to-do list!

No job is too big or too small, from plumbing issues to assembling that IKEA bookshelf, or to any transport services, we will get the job done. However, we don’t just take anyone on our platform to become a FixlerPro and deliver our services for you. Here are 5 safety measures we take in the hiring process in order to protect our customers.

1. Criminal Background Checks

All applicants before becoming a FixlerPro need to undergo a criminal background check. We use to eliminate any job candidates who may create an unsafe work environment. Most services are carried out at our customers’ homes, and therefore, we take our hiring process extremely seriously. We will never hire anyone with even the smallest criminal record or has any history of violent crimes or the like.

2. Human Interaction

No application process is automated. Our staff at Fixlers will meet the applicants and conduct an in-person or online video interview. We believe the importance of human interaction, as this allows us to observe the attitudes and behavior of our applicants. We will also pay attention to what the applicant says about his or her work experience and skillsets, and see if everything checks out with the documents provided to us.

3. Past Work Proof

During or after the interview, we will also ask our applicants to provide past work proofs. These can be testimonials, photos, videos or references from previous employers. Why is this step important? Because we want to make sure that the applicants have the experience and knowledge required. We also want to find out more about their particular skills and capabilities during the interview, and through these conversations, we can assess their answers, attitude and behavior.

4. Rating Our Pros

We encourage our customers to rate and review our FixlerPros after every job using the Fixlers app. We want to know how it went, how you feel and how we can make it all better for you. What’s more, our platform uses your ratings to personalize both your service and our FixlerPro’s experience. You are also welcome to add a tip to show your appreciation for a well-done job.

5. A LifeTime Ban

At Fixlers, we have zero tolerance for time-wasters. Sure, sometimes the inevitable happens and your jobs might have to be cancelled or rescheduled. However, we strongly believe in clear communication and punctuality, and therefore, after 3 no-shows within a month, this individual will be removed from our platform permanently with immediate effect. Each no-show will also incur a penalty on our FixlerPros.

So, here is an inside look at our hiring safety measures. We want our FixlerPros to be good at what they do, love what they do and most importantly, trustworthy and safe to be around at. To ensure the safety of our customers and all employees is and will remain our top priority.

Ready to order your first local on-demand service? Download the Fixlers app and start knocking that list of chores down to zero!