6 Ways to Save Water This Summer

by Jessica Jones

Jan 20, 2023 3 minute read

6 Ways to Save Water This Summer

“Every drop counts” – be it a penny or water. It’s getting more difficult to save water as the weather heats up, but there are a few simple ways to reduce the water you use and save money on your bill simultaneously. Here are our top tips for saving water in the summer.

1. Swap Your Hose for A Watering Can

Keeping your plants happy and saving water can be done at the same time! Just by swapping the hose for a watering can, you’ll only use a fraction as much water as you normally would with a hose.

2. Water at Night

Your plants lose a lot of water to evaporation during the day, especially during warmer months! Keep your plants cool by moving them in the shade, and water them when the sun is setting. Water at the roots will also help your plants retain water and prevent the leaves from scorching in the sun.
Have you thought about getting draught-tolerant plants? Lavender, for example, thrives without much water and is great for the bees too! Cactus and succulents also thrive in full sun without much water. This way, you get a prettier garden and less time spent on watering.

3. Collect Rainwater

Oak barrels, empty clay plant pots, or an old plastic bin - these items can be your water butts around the garden without the need of spending a fortune. You can use rainwater to flush toilets, clean, and water plants – and yes, it will save money off your water bill in the summer!

4. Allow your lawn to grow longer

Longer grass creates more shade for the soil underneath. It traps moisture and helps your lawn stay lush for longer. If the days are dry and hot, your lawn might go brown – but resist the urge to water it. Grass is tough, and you will be surprised how quickly they can bounce back as soon as a good rainfall returns.
Letting your grass grow is also good news for bees and pollinators as they will surely appreciate those daises and dandelions that pop up with it. So, less time mowing and watering, and more time to enjoy the sunshine with a cocktail in hand!

5. Cool Down Without The Shower

We get it. It’s hot, it’s humid, and we are all sweaty after a fun day in the sun. But instead of going in and out of the shower several times a day, cool off with a damp towel or a water spray bottle - and thus save water and money off your bill.

6. Check for Leaks With The Toilet Test

Put a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. If the color shows up in the bowl later, you’ve got a leaking tank. A leaking toilet silently wastes up to 100 gallons of water daily. An inexpensive rubber flapper may do the job –make sure you get a replacement flapper that will fit your toilet’s make and model – but if a bigger problem is present, seek help from a professional. Click here to find a FixlersPro from your local area today.

Remember… Keep Drinking Water

Saving water is important, but so is staying hydrated during the summer months! Make sure you drink plenty of water during a heatwave or when you are out n’ about in the sunshine. Take a reusable bottle with you when you go out to avoid wasting money and plastic.

We hope these simple tips will help you to conserve water, reduce water usage and lower your water bill. If you need any professional help, give us a call on 800-683-8483 or visit our website: www.fixlers.com .