Oh, Our Customers Are The Best!

by Helen Oster

Jan 20, 2023 7 minute read

Oh, Our Customers Are The Best!

"Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers there is no company!" said Connie Edler. This is why, we value our customers.

And since the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October) is Get to Know Your Customers Day – which means that today, July 22nd, is the day we want to get to know YOU better.

We want to make sure that we are responding to the services you need efficiently. Many of us still remember the times when High Street businesses were locally owned and operated, just like the theme song from that iconic show, Cheers, says, “where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came". Not only did the shop owners know your name, but they also knew your general shopping preferences too and what you wanted to buy, even if you didn’t know exactly what you needed yourself! Not surprisingly, if they didn’t stock what you wanted, those old-fashioned shopkeepers of yester-year would do their very best to get it for you.

Shopping at Big Box stores and online has inevitably meant that much of that personal attention has gone by the wayside. So, on Get to Know Your Customers Day, the team at Fixlers would like to turn that around. 

“The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients” said Matthew Odgers (Attorney/Founder of Odgers Law Group). Indeed, in every service businesses, the main job is to make our customers’ lives easier. At fixlers.com, there are a hundred ways to work with our customers to ensure they feel listened to and valued. Our technicians are committed to responding promptly, listening carefully, speaking simply, explaining thoroughly – and if necessary and possible, they will make a change to the standard workflow. After all, if we don’t make our clients’ lives easier, then we aren't doing our job!

Six months since the launch of Fixlers, we’d really like to use Get to Know Your Customers Day as an opportunity to get to know a little more about all of our customers – old, new and future!

Getting to Know Our Customers 

So first up, we’d like to ask you a few questions. If you have already used a Fixlers technician, we’d love to know how the experience worked for you. This will help us to learn about the range of services we currently provide, as well as about your perception of our handy technicians, plumbers or electricians, etc.

What additional services would you like fixlers.com to offer? For example, last week we received a request for pool cleaning, and the week before for someone to go and fix one of those old-fashioned ranges. All suggestions are welcome! Let us know via our soical accounts or by emailing us at social@fixlers.com !

Social Media

Do you follow us on social media? If you’re not using social media, you’d be amazed by some of the benefits it can bring! Once you set up your account on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM , TWITTER , TIKTOK or LinkedIn , you can follow us and ‘like’ our pages, and be among the first to learn about new services we are bringing on board.

You can also leave reviews for our technicians and our services on these social media platforms. They are great tools for you to let others know about us. Tag us when you leave a comment or a review!

"The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, 'Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about the experience'."

Shep Hyken

Do you have what it takes to become a Fixler?

Do you – or anyone you know – have any special skills that we could partner with here at fixlers.com? Recommend someone and let our team members know. Have you yourself ever used another service like Fixlers in the past? If yes, how do you feel we match up? Is there anything that, in your opinion, our competition is doing better than us? Here’s that vital email again: social@fixlers.com

The key to Fixlers relationships with our customers 

From the beginning,Fixlers has prioritized growing a business which puts customer loyalty at the center of all we do. While it is probably true that there are as many selling techniques as there are products and services, we understand that most purchases fill an emotional need yes, even buying bread or milk!

It’s easy to understand how emotions might have some influence when we buy expensive jewelry, works of art, or vintage wine, but our choices of certain products or suppliers is also linked to how we feel about them.

This is why we put a tremendous amount of effort into understanding our customers’ needs, fears, and dreams. We want to get to know our customers better, so we can be confident that our services will resolve every need! We promise to read every one of our comments, reviews, and emails!

We will always welcome your feedback, whether that's praise, complaints, or suggestions for change. Customers’ complaints or negative reviews are seen by the team at Fixlers as an opportunity to create something positive for all. Our goal will always be to create a win-win solution, so that our customers feel listened to, respected and valued. Face-to-face interactions are one of the most effective ways to get to know how our customers feel about our services. We want to know what you love, where Fixlers fits into your lives, what we can do better and much more! 

What keeps the Customer Satisfied? 

There are many opinions around the meaning of customer satisfaction. The marketing team of an organization I used to work for many years believed that customer service was just a department, and that customer satisfaction could be measured by the mere number of sales. They only used algorithms and artificial intelligence to figure out where they were going wrong. Unfortunately, they lost many customers that way as they wanted a more personal approach.

It was interesting to read the research done by Great Brook Consulting, which shows that even if customers have experienced poor service for any reason, if it was subsequently resolved efficiently and effectively, they would be significantly more loyal to a company than those customers who’ve never had reason to complain. Therfore, clearly, the key values to complaint handling are an immediate response to a problem, a sincere apology (of course), an effective and efficient solution, and developing new ways of working to make sure mistakes are not repeated. All the above result in positive word-of-mouth feedback on the company.

In my previous role, I found that participating in online conversations on Facebook, Twitter and a variety of shopping forums helped me to not only reach out when there were problems which needed a speedy resolution, but it was also an invaluable tool in getting to know my customers. When one of my best customers passed away, I cried, even though we’d never met. Meanwhile, my husband had a few words when I received not just one, but two proposals of marriage from customers who I’d only ever ‘met’ online!

Although Fixlers customer preferences are being shaped by trends, values, wants, needs, events and buying habits, we know that there are dozens of other variables which contribute to how Fixlers customers feel about us:

• Convenience
Simple booking processes
Value for money
Fitness for purpose
Emphasis on customer service
Quality of work completed by each Fixlers technician
Quality of replacement parts, when required 
Service backup

Here at Fixlers, we appreciate that the importance of listening can’t be overstated. We know if we aren’t taking care of our customers, they will feel let down. Responding to feedback posted on the Internet is one way that we actively seek out customer responses to Fixlers services. Taking the extra step in customer care is essential to ensure that our best customers are satisfied. 

P.S. Music

Most of us have heard Simon and Garfunkel’s classic song “Keep the Customer Satisfied” from the album Bridge over Troubled Water. But do you know how many other artists have also recorded this song? I found an unbelievable 28 cover versions!

Here's the list, but also a warning - if you’re like me, after clicking on the first couple, you’ll have a serious ‘ear worm’ and won’t be able to stop humming the tune or get it out of your head!

The Osmonds – Keep the Customer Satisfied
Buddy Rich Big Band
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
Marsha Hunt
Sefton & Bartholomew
Jonathan Coulton
High Oaks Symphony Pop Orchestra
Hope & Social
Robson & Jerome
Swingin’ Fireballs
The Robinson Brothers
The Tribute Co.
The Beelzebubs
Hope & Social with Louis Barabbas and The Bedlam Six
Bill Black’s combo
Su Kramer (in German, "Was für dich in den Sternen steht")
Ambros Seelos
The Johnny Mann Singers
Colleen Hewett
Liz Larsen
The Carnabees
Joe Chindamo Trio
Tim King
The Alan Caddy Orchestra and Singers
John Blackinsell Singers & Orchestra
The Four Kinsmen
Gerd Thumser (in German again, and the most unexpected one)

That’s all from me for this month! In August, I’m going to introduce you to some key members of The Fixlers team.